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The story of Château Alverne and Domaine Paradella is above all the story of a family passion.

A family passion handed down from father to son, rooted in the land and the vines as tangible connections with our origins and the love of wine  as a touchstone of history and culture. It is this balance of rootedness, history and culture which underpins our striving for excellence in creating finely balanced wines whilst bringing forth aromatic complexity steeped in a heritage of unique historical varietals and ancestral terroirs.

Ours is also the story of a dual culture. 

One of professional training undertaken in Bordeaux by Lionel Wojcik and an attachment to St Emilion matched only by the passion for his family’s Corsican roots and soil. Naturally enough it is in the quest for excellence that we find the expression of this dual culture, one shared across two terroirs with long and rich histories.
Here then, in the crafted melding of the authentic with the modern, lies the defining originality of Lionel Wojcik’s wines.

Lionel Wojcik
Lionel Wojcik

Lionel Wojcik manages the two family estates: Château ALVERNE (Saint-Emilion Grand Cru) and Domaine PARADELLA (Patrimonio).

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