The vineyards of the Domaine Paradella estate (8 hectares) are located in an exceptional clay-limestone terroir at the foot of calcareous cliffs separating Patrimonio from  the sea and which bestows  on the appellation its unique micro-climate. Six hectares are dedicated to the production of red wine (Niellucciu and Grenache) and 2 hectares to white wine (Vermentinu). The estate’s vineyards are essentially composed of Niellucciu (90%) with a smaller contribution of Grenache (10%) in keeping with the identity of the appellation.

The Niellucciu varietal (closely related to Tuscany’s San Giovese) enjoys an exceptional location within which it can express itself in the crafting of balanced, well structured and richly complex wines.

The entirety of our wine-producing work is conducted in a reasoned policy of respect for the Patrimonio appellation’s banning of glysophate. Our work is focused on obtaining the optimal ripening of our grapes whilst concurrently respecting the terroir and vintage.

The quest for this optimal phenolic maturity lies at the heart of our work in the vineyards.
Our harvesting and sorting are both rigorously carried out by hand.

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While the work carried out on vineyards and vines, soils and ecosystems balance constitutes the  fundamental condition for the full expression of the Domaine Paradella terroir and the achieving of great wines, the quest for excellence must also express itself through the vinification stages (fermentation and maturation).
Domaine Paradella’s fermentation room is made up of thermo-regulated stainless steel vessels, set up to optimise alcohol fermentation with a view to allowing the fullest expression of the fruit and hence the personality of both vineyard and terroir.

Maturation (Red wine)

Malolactic fermentation is carried out in new oak barrels.
The wine is then matured in new oak barrels (Radoux Blend) for 16 to 20 months. This choice of high quality is intended to both highlight the essence of the fruit and bring forth a rich balance of all contributory elements thanks to the migration of oxygen through uniformly grained oak.

Maturation (White wine)

Settling (clarification of the grape must) is carried out in stainless steel thermo-regulated vessels.

Alcoholic fermentation is carried out entirely in our new oak barrels which are specially adapted for the maturation of white wine (maturation of 6 to 8 months). Malolactic fermentation (transformation of malic acid into lactic acid) is also carried out, with a view to obtaining the optimal balance required for the making of white wine perfected for bottle ageing.


Patrimonio – White

Patrimonio – Red

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